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Offshore Intelligence is an offshore staffing solutions company built to deliver an efficient and scalable platform to give an exceptional customer experience. The company is owned, ran, and managed by Australians on the ground, in the Philippines.
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How It Works

In short, your staff member is a full-time employee who works for you out of our offices. The same way a staff member would operate if they were in a satellite office in another capital city. You interview, select, manage, train, mentor and develop the candidate to meet your business goals.

We take care of their time, attendance, HR, payroll, computers, employee well-being, tools of trade and ensure they are developed professionally! We ‘hold your hand’ throughout the process ensuring that no stone is left unturned around maximum efficiency and productivity!

Want to offshore but not sure on how it works?

Wanting to Recession-proof your Business?

Do your Business Competitors have an Unfair Advantage?


Architectural Drafting
Estimating (Quantity Surveying)
Contracts Administration
Construction Coordination
Pre and Post Site Administration

Professional Services

Personal / Executive Assistant
Secretarial Support
Legal Administrators
Document Control
Executive Support


Technical Support
Drafting and Design
Civil and Structural Engineers

Sales Support & Services

Sales Concierge
Lead Generation & Telemarketing

Accounting & Finance

Accounts Payable and Receivable
Accounts Administration / Data Entry
Back Office Support
Procurement and Contracts Administration
Document Control
Executive Support
Admin and Databasing


Website Developers and SEO
Digital Marketing Manager
Social Media Mnager, AdWords
Lead Generation
Graphic Designer

Inbound marketing solutions. End-to-end lead generation.

We’re a Marketing Services provider. We help companies achieve their business goals by using inbound marketing strategies and campaigns. We bridge the gap between marketing and sales.

We deliver qualified appointments for your brokers, consultants or your sales team.

"Had a Bad Experience With Offshoring?

We have too."

We use Artificial Intelligence

We know your biggest frustration is that it takes forever to get quality resumes from your BPO.

And we know that your BPO recruiting team do not put quality candidates in front of you. They don’t seem to ‘get’ what you want.

How do we know this? We know this because when we first started offshoring ourselves, these were a couple of our biggest frustrations.

The current BPO model is archaic.

Using Artificial Intelligence, we can put quality candidates in front of you within 4 days.

Our staff will already have 5+ years of working with Australia, New Zealand and US clients… so they already know the work culture and expectations.

Offshoring Process

Offshore Intelligence provides a transparent and efficient induction process.
We collaborate closely with our clients, ensuring each step of the offshoring process is fully communicated and implemented.

We aim to learn about the role and build an accurate position description that is relevant to the PH market. We develop clear expectations for the role and accurately assess the required skillset for your preferred candidate.

• Are we replacing an existing role? Is this a new capacity?
• Are we combining tasks to create a new role?
• Line of reporting, KPI development and managerial process
• Workflow mapping. How will the candidate be supplied with tasks?
• IT and office infrastructure requirements

A diligent recruitment process will attract the right candidate with the knowledge, skills and abilities that you require.

• Advertising on digital job boards, across social and print media
• Talent attraction through database, networks and headhunting
• Applicant skill screening and face-to-face interviews
• Shortlist presentation and capability assessment
• Interviews with clients and reference checking

The most important part of the process! We must ensure your candidate will be productive immediately and ‘hit the ground running’. We work with you to ensure that training, tasks and responsibilities are supplied from day one.

• Develop training, integration systems and procedure manuals
• Communication schedules and methodology
• Cultural integration and inclusion
• Workflow integration. How does work enter and exit your on-shore business?

We work very closely with you to ensure that your staff member is performing in the desired capacity. We encourage detailed and transparent feedback, allowing our staff to educate and improve a candidate’s productivity and value.

• Regular candidate inclusion checks and workshops
• Consistent consultation with our clients and developing best practice training
• Constant interaction with our COO in Manila to improve efficiency of staff and workflow

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World class talent at your finger tips within 48 hours! We promise to deliver an exceptional offshoring experience that will change the way you do business!

But what’s the REAL cost saving?

Your key staff have limited time to work on growing your business due to being bogged-down with administration.

Start by freeing-up the time of your key staff and offshore the repetitive tasks, administration, database. compliance tasks.